Barnaby Stutter aka The Old Man, is our project manager. You could find him fixing bikes, chatting to customers, guiding our apprentices, at one of our fundraising events or at his desk in the shop wrangling his laptop.

Barnaby started working in the bike trade in the 80s. Learning the industry ropes at Brixton Cycles Co-op. After a quarter of a century with the co-op, he re-trained as a cycle instructor. Teaching kids and adults the joys and skills of bike riding, either in the playground or on busy London roads. Teaching bicycle repairs or Safer Urban Driving to professional drivers.

“I love bikes yet what I find truly fascinating are the carbon-based lifeforms that propel them”

Barnaby has seen a revolution in the bike trade over the past 40 yrs. From hippy nippy niche to mainstream industry. “what many in the trade fail to realise is that we are in a service industry. Cyclists are nowadays a more diverse bunch who deserve a workforce that reflect this. Providing that future workforce is our mission”.

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