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Service Your Bike

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An MOT for your bike where it needs adjustments but no parts are needed. We recommend this for a bike that has been regularly maintained but needs checking over, brakes and gears adjusted, tyres inflated, all nuts and bolts tightened, lubricated

From £50

Checkover Plus

An MOT for your bike where it needs adjustments with parts fitted or more in depth repair. If your bike requires a checkover but also needs some parts fitted this is for you.

From £65/75

General Service

A full service where parts are stripped, cleaned and refitted. Our most popular repair. Wheels removed, straightened, hub adjusted. Transmission de-greased and re-assembled. Brakes serviced.

From £95


If all the bearings need stripping and replacing you may need a full overhaul. The bike is taken down to its bare frame, forks removed, hubs stripped. Bottom bracket removed. Everything cleaned, lubricated and lovingly reassembled.

From £125

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