Biodegradable Bottles

There’s a little secret our industry would rather you didn’t know. From shipping oil, packaging to mining and rubber production, to inbuilt obsolescence and sweatshops. Our industry has the potential to become a lot greener. Groundwork London’s project – Westminster Wheels is doing exactly that. It is working towards sustainability: old inner tubes are being sent back for recycling, used bikes are being refurbished – diverting them from landfill. They are looking to stock bike accessories that have less of an environmental impact. The oils and lubricants sold and used in-store are all from Green Oil and they are looking forward to offering a refill service, so these non-petroleum-based oils need less packaging. The Schwalbe tyres WW stocks are surprisingly Vegan (yes, many brands are not) and they are starting to use sustainable rubber on some models.

Part of this mission is reflected in the branding. We are happy to share that the Westminster Wheels water bottles are now in stock. They are manufactured in Europe and are 100% biodegradable. You can now purchase them in store. Prices are pocket friendly too – small bottle £6.50, big bottle £7.50. Groundwork staff receive a 10% discount.

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