Get a qualification while you are getting paid!

  • Are YOU 17+?
  • Do you live in Westminster?
  • Train as a bike mechanic with Westminster Wheels! Get paid £11.95 per hour and get a great qualification at the same time.

What’s on offer?

  • Train as a bike mechanic in Westminster, supported by expert trainers
  • Learn how to fix and repair bikes, which are then given back to the community
  • Complete training for the offer of a guaranteed interview for a Trainee Mechanic job
  • Participants that successfully complete their training and have had good attendance will receive a free bike, helmet and lights
  • All of our successful trainees have moved to full time jobs in the cycle industry

How can I get involved?

If you, or someone you are supporting:

  • Is 17 or above and not in work, education or training
  • Has a level 1 qualification in Maths and English

Please contact Liz Byrne to find out more and book a place on one of our taster days:

TEL: 07702942160

Next taster day: 21st August. Time to RIDE!

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